NOTE: Until JANUARI 31,15 % discount on all sculptures and some other art. ( ask for prices)
See for details, contact and information .
Decorative Art Gallery (Gallery de Brès) 
 is founded in 1987 by Marianne de Brès and was located for 30 years
at Kerkstraat in Amsterdam. Now moved to the Art and Antique centre Amsterdam ( antiekcentrum amsterdam)
Please contact me if you have a question or want to meet me. 
I live nearby so don,t hesitate to do so.  
Good to know, I can send all items by parcel services.

Phone 0031621515069 for an appointment or information. 

About the ONLINE colletion; The collection contains various styles devided under subject.  See collection.
You can find impressionistic paintings with the accent on sea, sun and water, known painter in this medium is 
van Noort, Martinez and Stefani.  NEW in the collection are the interesting Dark Sky oil paintings by Horsewell.
Also still lifes and various sculptures in bronze, stone, iron, resin, glass and colourfull ceramics .

I accept all forms of payment: Cash, PIN and Creditcard; online Banktransfer or PAYPAL.

Online you can find my whole collection, first sorted by subject later by artist. 

Elisabeth Anselme, Karel Appel, Maurice Arneguy, Jan Bazuin, Gisele Belleud, Ronald Berger,Cacciuoputti, Johannes Eerdmans, Anton Heyboer, A. van Noort
Gerhard Nesvadba, Louis Saalborn,Rob Ritchie ,Pierre Stefani, J.Turk, Antoli Victorio, Vidal ,John Horsewell, Rumen Rachev,Bertelli,Vypov,Puerto,Lucebert,
Fabrice,Ellis Tertoolen,lei Hannen,Ivet Thunnissen, Alfons Vermeir, Willem de Zwart

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